Yet another new blog!

So I’ve decided to start up my 12674th blog – slight exaggeration there, but I have a habit of starting a blog and then getting bored really quickly. Fingers crossed this one sticks.

This blog is going to serve as my travel blog, and I’ve started it for a couple of reasons. Firstly it’s to placate my mother (probably the rest of my family too) but she’s naturally worried I’m off travelling on my own for a year – or longer, so it’ll serve to keep my family and friends up to date. And secondly, I really enjoy writing and I want to keep my ‘journalistic’ (if you can call it Journalism) skills going, so what better way than a travel blog? Maybe I can become a travel journalist – I’m sure my mam (who financially sacrificed everything to pay for my masters) would be overjoyed to hear that!

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go travelling later this year – flying from London to Sydney on the 28th August to be precise. I’ve always wanted to travel, go somewhere completely new, learn about new cultures and do it on my own. The thought of it really excites me. I’m not going to “find myself” as numerous people ask, because I’m pretty sure at 23 I’ve already “found” myself, but if I do learn new things about myself it won’t be unwanted.

My plan is to do a working holiday for about 10 months in Australia, stay in Sydney for 4-5 months and save up a bit of money, travel to Cairns for a couple of months and do the same, and then work and travel other parts of Oz that take my fancy. I’m aiming to get jobs that are related to my master’s (Marketing) so that I can pop them on my CV – and there’s no way in hell that I am fruit picking or sweating it out in a vineyard. I am not built for that.

I’ve also just recently decided that after Oz I’m going to travel over to New Zealand and Fiji because it would be stupid not to visit those supposedly amazing countries when they’re pretty close by. And then finally I’m going to do a stint in South East Asia. As you can probably tell, my plan is to do whatever ‘takes my fancy’ – which makes me as equally nervous as it makes me excited.

I decided to take this life changing trip about two months ago, when my original plan was to move to London and start my career. But then I realised I could do that whenever I want, whereas now is the perfect time to finally travel; my work contract and my house contract are both ending in Lincoln so -for probably the only time in my life- I have nothing stopping me.

As you can imagine, I have nowhere near enough money to go travelling, and any sane person would probably delay the date by at least a few months. However I’m being spontaneous (I’m quite an impulsive person) and you can’t be spontaneous and sane at the same time. So my plan is to work myself into the ground with two jobs and save EVERYTHING. I had a £4300 goal to work towards, I’ve spent £797 on flights and an arrival package, and I have another £525 saved. I’ve got a lot left to make in the next 3 double pay days (so technically 6 pay days, to make me feel better!) but I am determined. I’m sure this saving up of money is coming as a shock to absolutely everyone who knows me, as I’m usually the one person that is awful with their money, but we can all agree that £1322 saved so far is very good for me! Only £2975 to go! :/

This blog post is pretty boring, but you have to start somewhere – and this is the start of my journey. I’m aiming to make this a weekly blog, and I promise you it will get a lot more exciting when I’m actually travelling.

Seeeeeee ya!



4 thoughts on “Yet another new blog!

  1. Tracy Porter says:

    Nicely done pet! So your dad never got you to join the Navy, but you could always wear a sailer hat on a pedalo for a photo for his scrap book 😉 Good luck on the saving, I’ll look forward to the next installment xxx

    • rsporter90 says:

      Awww thanks ☺️ … Yeah I’ll be on a hop on hop off cruise along Sydney on the second day so that’s pretty much the same thing?! I’ll be getting drunk on a boat hahah xxx

      • says:

        Yes, all you need is a whole cooked chicken to walk back to the boat with! Apparently that’s the rules in the Navy haha x

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