The 4 week countdown begins …

It’s been quite a while since my last post, mainly because I haven’t had anything to write about and I shouldn’t have started this blog so early. But I thought seen as though I’m at the 4 week countdown, I may as well write a little entry.

The nerves are definitely kicking in now that there’s not long to go (doesn’t help that so many scary plane stories are in the news at the moment). I’ve got my last weekend working at The Slug & Lettuce this weekend -a nice 18 hours over the Saturday and Sunday- and then I leave my main job at the Uni on the 13th. It’s gone so fast, yet the closer I am the slower it seems to go, if that makes sense AT ALL.

My mam has taken all of my stuff now from my current place back to her house so all I have to do is get a train to hers in a couple of weeks. Literally all I have left is a suitcase full of clothes. And Netflix. Can’t survive without Netflix.

I’ve also booked in a hair cut, and for anyone who knows me or who has even just seen me, you know how long my hair is. It’s going to be just below my shoulders …. yep. The things you do for travelling. I’m also going to ask to get my fringe back, because I’ve barely had time to dress myself let alone care about my hair. So much so, I’ve actually had my gigantic forehead out and visible to the public for about 6 weeks. Kill me now.

It’s all about the countdown for the next two weeks now (well four, but for the last two I just plan on drinking with my family and a small holiday to Whitby with my mam in-between) I’ve got my leaving night next Saturday which is set to be insane … BBQ, alcohol, sun. Still trying to find my bikini bod .. let’s face it, never going to happen. And getting every last thing sorted.

Flights, check. Travel insurance, check. Travelling clothes (majority shorts and bikinis), check. Base tan, getting there. £3.5k, getting closer. Have I forgotten anything?


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