Finally writing a post …

Okay, so my plan was to write a weekly blog post when I came to Australia but I don’t think I thought about how many better things there would be to do out here rather than update my blog…BUT I’ve finally decided to write one! Bear with me, I’m documenting my last 6 weeks so it might be pretttty big.

I’ll start from the beginning … It took me 37 hours to get here, I slept for 4 of them. I entered Sydney looking and feeling like a total zombie! I had three days of jetlag and I was in a hostel full of German people who didn’t fancy mixing with other people or speaking English. Not the greatest start to my trip, but I did manage to find an American girl and an English guy that I got along with. That English guy is now my travelling bezza – weyy!

Also not many travellers tend to share this with other people, but to be honest, in the beginning I felt pretty overwhelmed; I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know the city, I felt really unsettled … But I’m glad to say I’ve finally found my feet, and I absolutely LOVE it! It was a scary move to come out on my own but I wouldn’t have it any other way, you put yourself in totally different situations when you don’t have a familiar face around.

I’ve also met some amazing people already, five of us are planning on travelling the east coast together (once the clumsy English guy, aka Cody gets his cast off his currently broken foot) haha! And everyone else I’ve met at either hostels or the last job I had. I don’t understand why people get apartments though because hostels are so much more fun and sociable! I may have had various things stolen, there’s no such thing as a bath or an oven, nice wine is a thing of the past, numerous people see me looking my worst (which FYI, is in the morning) but it’s still so much fun. I won’t lie though, it’s like being a student again – eating unhealthily, having a constant steady stream of alcohol, being surrounded by people at all times and living like a squatter… I feel 18 again! I’ve played pool more times here than I have in my whole life, and I’ve learned more German here than I did in my A-Levels (three of my travelling buddies are German).

The sights I’ve seen so far have been something else as well, I have to pinch myself sometimes, and I definitely have those moments where I’ll look at where I am and think “I actually can’t believe I’m here”. I’ve been to the obvious landmarks like the Opera House and Sydney Bridge which never get old, the Sydney Eye Tower which gives you a 360 degree, panoramic view of the city, Taronga Zoo, Bondi beach and Coogee beach, Royal Botanical Gardens, Manly, the Blue Mountains and the city itself, of course (which I swear houses more Asian people than Australian – just an observation!)

We’ve only got about 4 weeks left before we buy a car and head up the East Coast which I’m extremely excited about, my definite plans are surfing, doing a skydive, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef (all four completely terrify me) and seeing Fraser Island and Whitsunday’s.

I hope this post has satisfied everyone who wanted me to write one, and I’m not gonna lie, it’ll probably be another month until my next one.

Also, for anyone who’s considering travelling right now … Do it. And 100% do it on your own. 🙂


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