What I’ve learned about Aussies & Australia


In the last 19 months of travelling Australia, I’d like to think that I’ve learned a lot about Australians and their beautiful country. I’m sure in the next 6 months I’m bound to learn even more.

  1. There’s a kangaroo and an emu on their currency because neither can walk backwards, and so, it represents that Australia is always moving forwards. I’m pretty sure I learned this in a pub quiz.
  2. Timing is not really a thing: when Australians say they’ll call you tomorrow, they could actually mean a week from now. If anyone knows me, timing is my thing … it is my absolute pet peeve when people aren’t on time, or don’t stick to a time they’ve given you. So as you can imagine, this has been a difficult pill to swallow.
  3. No Australian watches Neighbours. Seriously.
  4. They also don’t drink Fosters.
  5. Every animal is trying to hurt/kill you. Forget their sharks, snakes or spiders … their ants bite.
  6. Before you come to Australia, you picture something similar to ‘Eight Legged Freaks’ when it comes to spiders. I can probably count the amount of horrible and huge spiders I’ve seen on one hand.
  7. I’ve learned a lot about the Aboriginal Culture. I didn’t really know anything about it before, but now I can see why there’s so much tension and hatred between the two cultures.
  8. They love their BBQ’s, night or day. I’ve attended more BBQ’s here than I have in my entire life. They have BBQ plates at every public gathering area – parks, beaches, campsites.
  9. They also love pies. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. Anytime is pie time.
  10. They have a much better alternative to Penguins (the biscuit): Tim Tams. Double chocolate covered Tim Tams,mmmm. They’re probably one of the things I’m going to miss the most.
  11. Nothing is too much trouble. Australians are some of the friendliest, liveliest (but somehow also laid back) people I’ve ever come across.
  12. Vegemite is just as disgusting as Marmite.
  13. Not many Australians have actually seen that much of Australia. I’ve actually seen more of Australia than a lot of Australians that I’ve spoken to.
  14. Many, many phrases/words:
    1. Thongs – flip flops
    2. Docket – receipt
    3. Bonza – heard much more than ripper, means excellent
    4. Yeah, nah … means no. Nah, yeah … means yeah.
    5. Stubbies – bottles of beer
    6. Heaps & good on ya – already knew these terms, but they are used ALOT.
    7. Pom, pommie – English people
    8. “She’ll be right” – it’ll be ok
    9. Bogan – Australians version of chav/hillbilly
    10. Servo – service station
    11. Pot & schooner – no such thing as a half pint, pots a little one, and schooner is a bit more than a half
    12. Chook – chicken
    13. Goon – boxed wine. Apparently called goon because it’s the aboriginal word for pillow & when the wine is finished you can blow up the bag and use it as a pillow. Not entirely sure how true this is.
    14. Lollies – all manner of sweets. Gets right on my nerves.
    15. No dramas – no problem
    16. Snag – sausage
    17. “Gives me the shits” – makes me nervous/angry

There we go, Rachael’s little lesson in Australia. These are the things that have stuck in my head over the last 19 months … there’s probably much more, but that would make a boring blog post.



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