From March til now

I’ve neglected my blog a little bit, but thankfully I don’t have any loyal followers so I don’t feel too bad. So, what’s been happening since the last time I posted?

Well, the biggest thing that’s happened is the fact I bagged myself a pretty decent job! Finally! You are looking at (or reading the posts of) a junior digital copywriter! Please don’t judge my writing more now that I’ve said that.

The job I had previous to that was pretty tedious but it paid and I was jobless. But what really annoyed me was that they just called me in one day and said ‘yeah, there’s not enough work, we don’t need you anymore’ … No notice. Cool, no worries. Not like I needed to pay the gym I just joined, or my rent, anyway.

Back to the main subject: what fun things have I been doing?!

The amazing thing about Melbourne is that no matter your budget, there’s always something to do. Exhibit A: festivals. I’ve checked out the food and wine festival (MFAW) and the chilli festival (yep, all about the food here). I spent $20 at the MFAW and managed to get the best wrap I’ve ever had in my life and endless prosecco tasters. The latter part was kinda against the rules, but me and my friend just wandered from table to table trying prosecco and then returning. I spent $10 at the chilli festival and watched my friend try to shove as many painfully hot chicken wings down his throat as quick as he could. VERY entertaining when you’re not the one doing it. He didn’t win though.

Prosecco for days

Hello prosecco


Food and wine fest

chilli fest

Death by chicken wings

I’m in Australia, so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t go to a surfing competition when I was presented with it. So I had a picnic with my friends on bells beach watching the RIPcurl pro. I wouldn’t call myself ‘basically Australian’ though without going to an AFL game, or two. So I did. I bought myself a merch hat with my home team’s logo on too; yes that’s right I have a home team! Go tigers!

ripcurl pro

No idea who’s surfing

AFL game

Go tigers!


For those who don’t know me, I’m actually a bit of a superhero film lover, so going to watch the Batman vs Superman film in the luxe cinema for my mates birthday was insanely good. For those that haven’t been, it’s a screen of about 20 recliner chairs and they bring you drinks and food from the bar throughout the film. Hello popcorn, alcohol, nachos and sundaes!

Luxe cinema screening

Recliners in a cinema?!

If you haven’t noticed, theres a bit of a theme going on with food here, story of my life. I’m a foodie. So to continue, I had what New York Times rated as ‘the world’s best croissant’ from Lune in Fitzroy. Not only did me and my friend buy a croissant, we also bought a cruffin, an almond croissant and a chocolate croissant. We were waiting in the queue for 45 minutes, we deserved four pastries! Thankfully it lived up to the hype, they were the most delicious croissants I’ve ever had. Although I’m sceptical that they’re gonna be better than ALL of the croissants in France.

Lune croissantrie

Croissant AND a cruffin!

I’ve also started a love affair with brunch. Melbourne just knows how to do brunch right! It’s probably a good thing I’m leaving soon …

To round up the rest of my 7th-11th month in Melbourne: I’ve climbed the 1000 steps of Mt Dandenong (killer! Not surprising though; did you read how many pastries I ate before?) I watched the Anzac Day parade (very humbling), I finally visited the Brighton Beach huts (and took the obligatory photos – see below) me and my friends did a coastal walk to Half Moon Bay and ate fish and chips on the beach (yet to find fish and chips better than England – although it was the first one to have vinegar and not just lemon … No, it’s not the same!), I attended my first, and probably only, Aussie house party. I visited, and paid way too much, to visit an old western town called Sovereign Hill in the faraway land of Ballarat. Aaaaand I said bye to the majority of the rest of my friends I’ve made here. There’s only a handful left!

Mt Dandenong

Home to the 1000 steps

Brighton beach huts

Brighton Beach huts

Rocking double denim

Double denim house party theme

Sovereign Hill

With 5 weeks to go before I leave Melbourne and continue on my travels, I’m trying to soak up every last bit of it. It’s by far the best city I’ve ever lived in and I’m going to miss it so much!


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