My last two weeks in Oz

Seen as though my flight has been delayed by two and a half hours, I thought ‘what better time to write my blog’.

So I’m sitting in Darwin Airport waiting to leave Australia…for good. Which feels surreal because it’s been my home for the last two years.

Over the last two weeks I’ve set out to visit as much as I can of Oz (that I haven’t already seen). First, I flew to Perth for four days. I met up with some mates that had ended their roadtrip at the same time aswell so that was good timing! We went to Fremantle for the day, tried WA’s #1 fish and chips, which I have to say were actually the best I’ve had in Australia (they can’t do a good portion of fish and chips to save their life!) and then took a walk to Kings Park. I kid you not, there were huge groups of people there JUST PLAYING POKEMON GO. I’ve never witnessed anything like it. Beautiful view and park, yet absolutely zero interest!

Then I took a day out to visit Swan Valley Wine Region; I tasted a lot of wine, beer and chocolate (perfect right?!) and was pissed enough that I fell asleep at 7:30(PM!!) poor effort.

For my final day I went to Rottnest Island and hired a bike to cycle round, bearing in mind I hadn’t cycled for about 13 years! I did well though, no broken bones. It was a beautiful island, so many little bays with clear blue ocean and pure white sand. And of course I got a selfie with a quokka (not going to lie, this was a huge part of why I visited!)

Then I flew to Alice Springs for my 3 day outback tour. Not a lot going on in Alice Springs, but my tour was amazing! I love camping and nature so it was 100% my cup of tea. We went to Uluru, learned about aboriginal culture, walked around the rock, watched the sunset, camped in swags (which I’m very surprised I was able to sleep in, because having my face so close to possible spiders, snakes and dingos was terrifying!) thankfully only one pack of dingos came into camp and decided not to eat us, so we were ok. Sleeping under the stars next to a campfire made it totally worth it though.

We then watched the sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta, hiked around Kata Tjuta (I consider myself a pro hiker now!) and set up camp for our second night before hiking up Kings Canyon the following morning before sunrise (see? Pro hiker!) the views were incredible. I then had my first ever camel ride-I had no idea Oz had the most camels in the world-before coming back to Alice Springs.

Then it was time for the dreaded 22 hour coach to Darwin, which actually wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I’ve been in Darwin for the last week, and honestly haven’t done a lot, apart from get sunburn and visit a crocodile park. I regret not checking out the national parks but it was just a tad too expensive for me. So instead I got drunk with the girls I met in my dorm room (room 75 Huns) and met up with some old friends from Melbourne.

It’s been an amazing end to an incredible two years. Met some great people & made memories I’ll never forget.

Thank you to everyone for being part of my experience; I love you all.


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