Which hostel? A review of my top hostels in Australia

Everywhere you go there are an abundance of hostels, just go on booking.com, agoda, or hostelworld and prepare to be overwhelmed by choices. But you never really know what it´s like until you get there, right?

Well I´m here to help. And by help I mean I´m going to give a list of each place I stayed and tell you which was my favourite hostel, and why.


Maze Hostel
To be honest, this place was a proper dive when I stayed there, but it was also ridiculously fun. The best places are dives, right? I kid you not, I walked down the corridor on my first day and there was a sanitary pad (USED!) just in the middle of the corridor. All jokes aside, it was in the perfect location about a 5-minute walk to Central Station and it was pretty cheap ($175 a week). Plus there was a great entertainments team when I was there, organising tons of drinking games, free food nights, hangover days and drinks offers at local bars. It was one of the most sociable hostels I´ve stayed in, and I´d recommend it to anyone looking for a fun time in Sydney.


Base Backpackers Uptown
This was another hostel in a great location: right opposite Roma Street Train Station and about a 10 minute walk from the centre.  I stayed in a 10-bed dorm both times I was there, and it was spacious and clean. They also handed out free pasta/rice everynight so that helped if I was ever in a money pickle. I’d stay here again.


The famous Australian party hostel. The number 1 party hostel if I’m correct! It definitely lived up to its name and I had some pretty crazy nights here. But the hostel itself is actually really nice! Huge and comfortable beds, balconies, clean, and great location.

Port Douglas

Dougies Backpackers Resort
I loved this hostel, and I’m not even really sure why. The facilities were ok, nothing special, but I think I just loved the vibe there. It all felt very chilled and laid back, which is exactly what you need sometimes. Plus, they do a free shuttle service from the airport and to/from Cairns.

Magnetic Island

YHA Bungalow Bay Koala Village
Cute hostel, set up in little huts and close to one of the beaches. Nice chill-out/bar area and pool and some good social activities. I think if I was to choose again I’d probably stay in Base though.


Nomads Hostel
Really friendly and helpful staff, plus a great lounging area with a cafe, bar, a pool and music. Looked like it was pretty social but I was only there for two nights.

Byron Bay

Byron Beach Resort
I got to this hostel when I was totally broke before my farmwork started, so I spent my days on the beach. This hostel was in a perfect location – you walked out the door to the beach. Free pancakes were a welcome addition to my sandwich diet at the time.


Adelaide Backpackers Inn
I needed somewhere to stay while I worked at the carnival, which were long hours so I only really saw the hostel early in the morning and when I went to sleep. It looked a bit rough at first but it was actually a good hostel. Free tea and coffee, good showers, clean beds and helpful staff.


Landing Pads – Richmond
My home away from home! I stayed here for four months and I absolutely loved it. At max capacity, the hostel held 40 people so it felt more like a share house than anything else. It was cosy, sociable, and filled with the best people. Management went all out for Christmas and New Year too which was really nice! But be warned, the kitchen is tiny!


Hays Travellers Inn
Looked very cute on the outside but that didn’t really reflect inside. It was ok but could do with some brightening up. Rooms were spacious with lockers, staff were friendly but it wasn’t very sociable. Plus, it was advertised on Hostelworld as including breakfast, but there was no such thing.

Alice Springs

A good little stop off hostel before and after your outback tour. Clean, secure and comfortable but not a lot going on. This was fine by me though because I just needed to catch up on sleep both nights I was there.


Melaleuca on Mitchell
The only place you want to stay if you’re staying in Darwin (unless you don’t want to party, in which case why are you in Darwin?). It’s right on the strip, nice facilities, good bar with really cheap drinks, and an in-house DJ for the weekends. Would recommend. Although maybe only a few nights, unless you don’t mind not getting any sleep.


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