Happy New Year!

When the Christmas festivities were over, and the 1st of January was here (and I was sitting in my pyjamas) I’ve got to admit I was pretty bummed. My first thought was “well this year isn’t going to be able to top last year” and what kind of motivation is that?! Yes, 2016 was amazing; my new year’s resolution was literally to continue having a great time travelling, but who’s to say 2017 won’t be amazing as well?

I’ve already told myself that I’ve got to stop pining for the past otherwise it’s just going to ruin my future happiness. My new year resolutions to get a job, pass my driving test and get some kind of bank balance are kinda boring, but you know what? They don’t need to be. I plan to get a job I really enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like a ‘kill me’ 9-5 job, I plan to pass my driving test so that I can have more freedom to do and go where I want, and I plan to get a decent bank balance so I can enjoy what I love most: travel.

So I’m going to stop worrying about not being able to top last year, and I’m going to aim for a bigger and better year this year! The beginning might be a bit rough, rocky and boring (hello endless hours of Netflix, and no money to do anything), but the exciting part is that I have no idea what’s in store for me, which is quite similar to last year anyway!

Instead of comparing my life to others via Instagram, which doesn’t accurately portray people’s lives anyway, I’m going to be positive, determined and above all, happy. Happy that I’m at a part of my life where I can shape my future, happy that my previous year was exciting and unforgettable, and happy that I get to embark on yet another adventure.

Returning home from travel doesn’t have to be backtracking in to your pre-travel life, it can be the inspiration that you can do whatever you want to do, be whoever you want to be, and give you an idea of what you do and don’t want from life. That’s what I’m going to think about from now on anyway, no more moping, only positive thinking!

I’m ready for you 2017.


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