What you should know about returning home from travel

I know I’ve already done a post on returning home from travel but well, I’ve got nothing to do and I’m still classing myself as having just returned to the UK (even though it’s been nearly 7 weeks) so I’m relating to my current experience. If you’re returning home soon read this, because I don’t write these things for the hell of it (debatable) and you’ll thank me.
P.s. good luck.

I’m going to paint you a picture (with my words obviously, because this is WORDpress):

It’s a couple of days before you return home from your mammoth travel expedition; it’s quite exciting because coming home means you’re finally going to be able to see the people you love, and surround yourself with familiar things you’ve been pining for since you left.

Now skip forward a couple of days (sorry you didn’t get to spend too long in the last picture) … your plane lands on home soil, and all you want to do is get to your family and friends and have the biggest catch up of your life. Everyone is making dates to see you (you’ve never felt more popular), you’re running around trying to see family, and your finally reacquainting yourself with your city—it’s changed so much since you left!

A couple of weeks in (skipping again, soz) be prepared, your life will probably dip a little in terms of excitement. This is bound to happen; you’ve just had the time of your life gallivanting between cities, countries, and places without a care in the world. Trust me, this levels out, and you’ll once again enjoy the life you were accustomed to pre-travel adventure.

Remember that your travelling isn’t over! If you’ve caught the travel bug—which I guarantee you have—then you’ll be on the road again at some point, and you’ll take more opportunities to travel than you probably would have before you left…bonus!

You’ll start to notice that you talk a lot more than you used to—this is probably down to the amount of people you met and conversed with when you were travelling—because you’re a lot more confident in yourself. I can guarantee that you’ll always find a way to tell someone a travel story, even if you don’t mean to; I’ve noticed that when I’m having a conversation I will literally always relate the subject to something I done/saw when travelling … if I was having a conversation with me, I’d be annoyed. But whatever, it was a huge part of my life, and it was my most recent experience, so sucks to be you if you don’t like my stories!

What’s helped me the most since getting back? Mentally jotting down some goals to work towards, big and small. This would probably be my main piece of advice, because that ‘dip’ I referred to in the third paragraph will rear it’s ugly head if you don’t. My goals for the year are:

  1. Get a marketing job that I’ll actually enjoy
  2. Get a credit card and finally get some kind of credit score (yawn)
  3. Pass that bloody driving test I should have passed when I was 17 – surely it gets to a certain point/age where you start to look stupid if you don’t have a drivers license? Pretty sure 26 is pushing it.
  4. Start renting my own place
  5. Visit at least two countries I haven’t been to before (preferably more)

I can currently only focus on one of these goals, and the rest will follow once I’ve ticked off number one on the list, but it’s definitely helping me to look forward and not back.

And finally, this is a big one (mainly because I have all the time in the world to scroll through Facebook and Instagram) you will now have an extra 200 or so friends on social media who love to travel… and guess what people who love to travel do? Share their adventures. I finally know how everyone at home must have felt when I uploaded amazing photos of beaches and jungles while they’re sitting at home/in the office: total jealousy, pining and a pinch of hatred.


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