Five of my must-do’s in Melbourne

Melbourne gets my vote for the most liveable city in the world, and that’s not because I read the Economist (because I don’t). For me it’s not just the mixture of perfect brunch spots, hidden bars, hipster neighbourhoods and friendly people, it’s also the easily accessible public transport system, the culture, and the fact that there’s always something to do, be it going to a sports event, the theatre, gigs or pop-up festivals. I basically couldn’t rate Melbourne enough.

Being the most liveable city in the world for five years running means that there are an abundance of articles telling you what you should do when you visit. Well don’t listen to them, listen to me! Kidding! (a little)

Anyway, I’m just going to focus on my own must-do’s or must-see’s or whatever you want to call them.

  1. I’m probably cheating here by encompassing multiple suburbs in to one point, but whatever, it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want. My first suggestion is: hop on a tram and visit the local suburbs. Visit cool bars and quirky pubs for a day drinking session in Brunswick, go and be ridiculously hipster for the day in Fitzroy (well let’s face it, this is a common theme everywhere in Melbs), go on a huge charity shopping spree on Chapel Street in Richmond, grab an amazing coffee absolutely anywhere in the city, or go to the beach in St Kilda. The possibilities are literally endless.


    Just a bar in the heart of the city

  2. Go for a walk along the Yarra River. You’ll pass people sitting outside bars chatting happily, people walking their dogs and various street performers, plus you’ll get a great view of the city skyline. There was always something about going for walks around Melbourne that just made me inexplicably happy, I think that it was because it seemed peaceful and happy despite most of the time being crowded and noisy. Walk far enough and you’ll be a short distance from Fitzroy Gardens, which is another beautiful (and actually quietly peaceful) place for a wander.


    The skyline on a sunny walk along the Yarra

  3. Have a crazy, divey, night out (my favourite). It would be ridiculous of me to not mention this, considering this is what I did a lot of in Melbourne. My top picks would have to be Retro’s, Pawn & Co, The Swan, Laundry Bar, and I’d be a fool not to mention Revs.


    Christmas time at Pawn & Co

  4. Eat brunch, a lot. There are a never-ending amount of cafe’s in Melbourne that do one thing better than anywhere else, and that is brunch (and coffee, obv). You can literally be anywhere in Melbourne and you are guaranteed to be within 5 minutes of an adorable cafe that does a cracking Eggs Benedict (among many other combinations). The Best Breakfasts in Melbourne even has it’s own article in Time Out, although trust me when I say you can really find a great breakfast everywhere.


    Poached eggs, avocado & feta smash on toasted rye bread with smoked salmon – yep!

  5. Check out the art. From the incredible street art of the laneways, to the art galleries and the street performers, Melbourne has something for everyone. Personally it was more my thing to wander the laneways or sit with a coffee and listen to a busker, but Melbourne is your oyster when it comes to art. I don’t even know if that sentence made sense, but let’s go with it.


    I liked the Tiger, so you don’t need to see the rest of Hosier Lane


So there you have it, my top 5 things to do in Melbourne, if you haven’t visited yet please do, but don’t tell me because I’ll be incredibly jealous.


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