My Travel Bucketlist

No doubt I’ll add more to it as time goes on but as of now:

1. Visit Niagara Falls

2.Go to Disneyland

3. Go skiing in France

4. See the Eiffel Tower

5. Hug a Koala

6. See the Opera House

7. Visit Steve Irwins Zoo

8. Go to Home & Away’s Palm Beach 

9. Visit Cape Tribulation, where the rainforest meets the reef

10. Visit the worlds best beach, Whitehaven beach

11.Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

12. Visit Ramsey Street in Melbourne

13. Visit Ayers Rock

14. Sit on the Ombak swing in Bali

15. Skydive Lake Taupo

16. Visit Hobbiton

17. Backpack Europe

18. Eat pasta & pizza in Italy

19. Live in Paris

20. Visit NYC at Christmas

21. See live Jazz in New Orleans

22. Go skiing in Canada

23. Eat traditional Mexican food in Mexico

24. See the Northern Lights

25. Go to the Rio Carnival

26. Backpack SE Asia

27. Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand

28. See the Russian ballet in Moscow

29. Go on an African Safari

30. See the New Year’s Eve fireworks at Sydney Opera House

31. Visit Buckingham Palace

32. See a Broadway musical in London

33. Ride camels in the desert

34. See the bibliotheca Joanina & the Mafra national palace libraries in Portugal

35. Trek in Nepal